Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is Jake's LAST EMAIL! We will welcome him home July 4th at the San Jose Airport. Thanks for all of your love and support the last 2 years!

Hello! and goodbye brasil!!!!
My last week....
Question, did you get the visa to Argentina for me? 
This last week was the best week I have had with Elder Ginatto, and this week I think I will only have half the week to work because I will travel to Maceio Friday. Maybe even earlier.
For sure we will see Elder Jensen. I am planning on going to the transfer, and he will be there. 
Also, another family asked for you guys to bring some small treats.. Reeses, butterfingers, peanut butter and maple syrup. It's a family that always made us dinner and treated us well. If there is room can you bring those too?
That's 24 hours of airplane! wow. Hope you sleep well on the airplane haha. When I went to São Paulo I slept the whole 10 hours.
Well, thats about it.... testimony in Portuguese. It's been a while.
eu sei que Jesus Cristo é o cabeça dessa igreja, eu sei que a igreja dele foi restaurado, e o real sacerdócio está aqui na terra novamente. Eu sei que quando nós sacrificarmos um pouco de nosso tempo e talentos Deus nos abençoa. O amor e caridade que Cristo tem por todos os filhos dele, eu pude também provar um pouquinho. Eu sei que se orarmos com fé e real intenção nós receberemos uma resposta de Deus. Tudo que eu falei pode ser provado através uma simples oração. Eu amo Brasil e o povo daqui. 
That was a good two years.

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