Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is Jake's LAST EMAIL! We will welcome him home July 4th at the San Jose Airport. Thanks for all of your love and support the last 2 years!

Hello! and goodbye brasil!!!!
My last week....
Question, did you get the visa to Argentina for me? 
This last week was the best week I have had with Elder Ginatto, and this week I think I will only have half the week to work because I will travel to Maceio Friday. Maybe even earlier.
For sure we will see Elder Jensen. I am planning on going to the transfer, and he will be there. 
Also, another family asked for you guys to bring some small treats.. Reeses, butterfingers, peanut butter and maple syrup. It's a family that always made us dinner and treated us well. If there is room can you bring those too?
That's 24 hours of airplane! wow. Hope you sleep well on the airplane haha. When I went to São Paulo I slept the whole 10 hours.
Well, thats about it.... testimony in Portuguese. It's been a while.
eu sei que Jesus Cristo é o cabeça dessa igreja, eu sei que a igreja dele foi restaurado, e o real sacerdócio está aqui na terra novamente. Eu sei que quando nós sacrificarmos um pouco de nosso tempo e talentos Deus nos abençoa. O amor e caridade que Cristo tem por todos os filhos dele, eu pude também provar um pouquinho. Eu sei que se orarmos com fé e real intenção nós receberemos uma resposta de Deus. Tudo que eu falei pode ser provado através uma simples oração. Eu amo Brasil e o povo daqui. 
That was a good two years.


Second to last time that I am writing you guys!!! crazy!!!
I don't have any advice for you guys. Good luck on the 10 hour flight from Dallas to são paulo.... it's rough haha
We baptized Cledja (the lady the got married) on Sunday, without electricity.... we also didn't have power during church on Sunday. It was an interesting first experience. Everything went well, and it was pretty fun just using natural light.
For sure we will go to a rodizios here but it is going to be way better than the ones in the US
My coaches are asking how tall I am too? you will find out when you see me!
We had a meeting with the zone leaders this week, and we did a zone meeting on Saturday. It went really well, and it seems like the entire zone is excited to work now. It was one of the best weeks that we have had since I have been here. Just a few days left.... 
The mission is awesome, and if you work really hard the whole two years you feel really good about going home. 
Not much to say... love you guys!


This week went really well. We baptized a young man, and we married two people. The wife will be baptized this week, the husband is already a member.
Faith is an awesome topic. So easy haha
At the moment it doesn't even feel like that I will be back to normal life in a little bit. I get excited, but it hasnt even hit me yet that it is almost over. The feeling is like in school when everyone is so excited for summer break, but it never seems like it will get here. 
hahaha I am excited to go to BYU and see Holly too. Where is she going to live do you know?
Well, this week was pretty good. We traveled to a place called Penedo and we participated in a stake activity. This branch has 900 members, and only 90 or so are active. We all divided up and visited the list of less actives to see if they moved, or passed away, or just to invite them to go to church again. It was good, but there is still a ton of work to do in that ward. 
I threw up in the street on Thursday. I think we ate something strange and I threw up. I felt so much better after. It's cool how our bodies heal themselves. You don't even need medicine, just barf and it will make everything better  :) 
I will see you guys in less than 3 weeks now. Are you excited ?! I am!!!!!!! 


I already talked about the problems to president. Sometimes I call him to talk with him, and we went to Maceio this last week for a zone conference. I will put some pictures on the costco website because I am not able to email them.
This week everything still managed to fall through, but we had four people at church on sunday and will try to baptize 3 this week. Only if everything goes right.
I know that everyone is bigger and older than before. I have been gone for 2 years. Maybe I will even surprise you guys!
We are teaching someone whose dad just died. She was supposed to get married on saturday and baptized on sunday, but her dad got sick and passed away. This week we are going to mark the wedding and the baptism again. Hopefully she feels better by then.
Other than that nothing much new here. I am excited to see you guys. Less than a month now. I am trying to plan everything that we will do here, and all of the people we will visit. Should be fun for you guys!


So, I am in a new area called Primavera. The ward is two weeks old, it just divided. I am in Arapiraca, way inland. My comp is Elder Ginatto. I like him, he is from Curitiba. About our success.... lets just say that this past week was the worst week in my whole life. Everything that we had planned fell through. For example, yesterday we had 9 appointments. ALL of them fell through. Also, this city never has water, and two nights we have already spent without electricity. We worked so hard this week, but not much came of it. BUT, we are still working and are still excited. Bad weeks always happen, so we will forget about it and move on :)
I dont think we will have to visit here when you guys come. Lets see at the end of these weeks.
I got tons of birthday wishes last week and this week! thanks to everyone!
Not much happened this week. Something funny that happened... we were eating lunch one day, and my comp grabbed the hot sauce bottle and put it on the other side of the table. He didnt realize that he touched his face after, and his eye started to burn. haha 
Then a little bit after, we were eating things a little bit like otter pops, but it wasnt frozen. Another elder that was eating with us tried to open it and it exploded on everyone but me!!!!! it was hilarious.
love you guys! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


First off, thanks for all of the bday wishes!!! Love you all!
I cant believe I am 21 too. I can drink now! just kidding haha
It was so fun talking to you guys yesterday even though I know that I will see all of you really soon!
6 weeks one transfer. I am going to Arapiraca I think. It's what I have heard will happen, but I am not 100% positive yet. We should have tons of success there, and should be an awesome last transfer. Don't have much to say today because we talked yesterday. Happy Mothers day again! 
I am getting a ton of emails for my birthday. Taylor, Dan, Hollands, Joanne and Ron, Carmine and Suzy and a bunch of others too. 
Not sure if I will do something really special this birthday because I will be transfer on my bday. Today we are going to a "tucanos" and after we will play sports with all the young men. A few are missing school to play with us because its my last week haha. Should be fun! 
This week there was a soccer game of the 2 soccer teams in Maceio. They are rivals, and I sent a picture of a CRB fan. They won, and this guy was super drunk and super happy so he ended up buying us a coke! haha he said " buy my two friends a soda" 
We were talking with some recent converts on his street. I guess he liked us! 
Hope everything is well, I am sure that you are able to see the end of the tunnel already. 


Things were better this last week. My cold is gone, but my comp was sick this week. I think I passed it to him haha. Still havent gotten any packages... one day they will get here.
2 days is sufficient to visit everything that I want to show you guys.
I didnt buy a razor, just used the non electric one. The convertors here are really simple. It's just a little plastic thing. It's 10 reais about 5 dollars. Almost all of the electric appliances like computers laptops video games everything has to use these converters, so it isn't hard to find.
That's fine if we just talk on the phone. My number is 9327 7170. You remember how to call right? if not you can find out on the internet.
7:30 would be a good time. My comp is going to talk at 6. I dont promise a very good conection though. Our phone is terrible.
That's sad that BYU lost. Taylor wrote me an email! I was happy when I got it. 
This week went well. We worked a lot more than last week, and we also rededicated the area of our zone. The whole zone came together and we did a rededication. It was pretty cool, I have it written down, because I was the one that had to do it. We are fighting to get everyone working in our zone, but it's a lot harder than we thought. Unfortunately the numbers are falling rapidly in the whole mission. This is the worst that the mission did in the history. There were only 89 people baptized last month...
Funny story for you guys. Last night there was a rat in our kitchen, so I got a broom and slap shotted it. He hit the wall and died instantly. My comp said that he never wants to play broom hockey with me hahahahah.
love you guys!